If you ain’t assessing…. Do we need a different approach to improving health and fitness?

As someone finding his feet in personal training I've wrestled with one of the key issues of how to assess clients and whether or not to take "metrics". Much of the professional education, books and blogs on fitness stress the importance of bodyfat percentage and girth measurements, along with mantra like phrases such as "if you ain't assessing, you're just guessing".  We are also told to … [Read more...]

Can I really get fit without the Gym?

Can I really get the same benefits from training at home or outdoors as I can in a gym? The long answer is it depends. It depends entirely on what your goals are and is influenced by any specific event or purpose you may be training for. The short answer is yes. Why so sure? Well, I'd hazard a guess that most people reading this aren’t professional (or enthusiast) … [Read more...]

Ensuring success with bodyweight strength training

Bodyweight training as a valid strength building tool is breaking into the mainstream and people are again starting to see its value beyond that of simply an endurance or supplementary exercise method.  Whether it be from lack of access to facilities or simply not feeling drawn to the standard modern fitness environment more and more people are seeking out alternative ways of training that are … [Read more...]

Resistance training? I can hear some resistance…

This article is a follow on to my previous piece about the importance of doing some type of regular resistance (strength) training for all people wherever they are in life. Here I’ll seek to allay some of the concerns people may have about strength training. I don’t want to get bulky and muscly- Oh if only it were that easy…. People can train for years and still not see the gains in size they … [Read more...]

Everyone needs a bit of muscle! – Why training for strength is important for everyone

  If the idea of strength training only conjures up images of bronzed bodybuilders, 300lb olympic lifters, preening "gym-selfie" types or just good old fashioned, run-of-the-mill hard cases then you need to think again.  Training for strength has immense value for everyone, whatever goals they may have or wherever they are in life. It needn't be a testosterone fueled grunt-fest but some … [Read more...]